Premeditated murder

Cartoon by Yannis Ioannou

Greek professor of economics Yanis Varoufakis writes in his blog today:

  • There are 10 million Greeks living in Greece (and falling fast due to migration), ‘organised’ in around 2,8 million households that have a ‘relationship’ with the Tax Office. Of those 2,8 million households, 2,3 million have a debt to the Tax Office that they cannot service.
  • 1 million households cannot pay their electricity bill in full, forcing the electricity company to ‘extend and pretend’, thus ensuring that 1 million homes live in fear of darkness at night while the electricity company is insolvent.
  • Of the 3 million people constituting Greece’s labour force, 1,3 million are jobless.
  • Of the 1,3 million jobless only 10% receive unemployment benefits. The rest must fend for themselves.
  • Of those who work in the private sector 500 thousand have not been paid for more than three months.
  • Contractors who work for the public sector are paid up to 24 months after they provided the service and pre-paid sales tax to the Tax Office.
  • Half of the businesses still in operation throughout the country are seriously in arrears vis-à-vis their (compulsory) contributions to their employees’ pension and social security fund.

The policies that have created, sustained and deepened that situation are still imposed on the country. Yet  it is all too obvious that, instead of curing the 'patient', they intensify the illness with no signs of recovery in sight, other than official hot air.
What is the reason of insisting upon a therapy that clearly makes more harm than good?
Could any doctor continue applying the same catastrophic medication for years without being accused of criminal negligence -if not premeditated murder?

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